the nuclear holocaust

black start

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A Science Fiction Short Film



A small community survives our impending nuclear holocaust thanks to their wind-powered shield. When the wind farm breaks down, Natasha and her brother Lysander are humanity's last hope.

In a world decimated by nuclear fallout, the community's survival hinges on their wind-powered radiation shield. Cesium storm clouds gather on the horizon just as the wind farm breaks down. With only days to black start the system, Natasha, the hardened young engineer with the fate of their world on her shoulders, must learn to work with her tech-genius brother, Lysander. Although she rages against his happy-go-lucky outlook, only together can the two bring the power back and save their settlement..



"It's been a great pleasure to work with Kat as her producer on the short film Osiris. I can't emphasize enough her commitment to story, her unique voice and her gift for communication. It was particularly enjoyable to watch a crew of both seasoned professionals and film students rally behind her vision and dig deep to make the film a genuine cinematic experience. At a young age she shows all the attributes of a true professional and gifted young director. I can't wait to see what she does next. "

Eric Wood / Creative Producer - Echo Charlie Whiskey, Ltd.

"Kat is a one-of-a-kind director and a very beautiful and unique individual. I was blown away by her profound knowledge and intellectual insight on her script. Not only was it evident that she had studied her subject matter inside and out in depth, but she was able to convey and paint this unknown imagery for her actors. She took a lot of time discussing her vision with us (the cast), yet she gave us room to use our own creative expression."

MEGGIE MADDOCK "Natasha" / Actress

"Kathryn Ferentchak is a powerhouse of energy, ingenuity, and true grit. During the filming of her short Sci-Fi film Osiris, in which she was the writer and the director and I was her Gaffer, I witnessed first hand how this exceptionally talented young woman clearly communicated her vision to both talent and crew. In 36 years as a Gaffer in the industry, I was impressed by her ability to navigate almost flawlessly dwindling budgets, various locations, time constraints, and unexpected challenges as though she had been doing it for years."

Chris Gerding / Gaffer


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